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General Administration



For the purpose of Revenue Administration, the Union Territory was declared with effect from 9 April,1967 as Revenue District with the Secretary dealing with Revenue as Collector. Karaikal region constituted a separate Revenue Division. A Sub-Collector or Deputy Collector is in charge of this Division. Deputy/Sub Collector (REV) functioning as a separate entity shall report to the collector on important issue and important files sent to the Secretary (REV), routed through the District Collector, Karaikal.

This division was divided in to two Tluks with a Tahsildar viz Karaikal and Thirunallar. The Karaikal taluk is sub divided in to Four firkas and 21 revenue villages whereas Thirunallar taluk is sub divided into two Firkas and 16 revenue villages. The total 37 Villages were regrouped into firkas on the basis of the proposals of the Directorate of Survey. The Deputy/Sub Collector (Revenue) is the nodal officer for the following offices ;

The Sub-Collector or Deputy Collector is responsible empowered the following functions under various Acts and Rules:

He/She is the Sub-Divisional Magistrate under Indian Penal Code and as per the CRPC. Presenting officer in the Revenue Court matters; Authorized officer in the Land Acquisition matters; Estate officer in the Land and Mining control Act; Deputy Commissioner Excise in the Excise matters; and also functioning as Collector as per the provisions of the Indian Stamp Act. To look after the subjects of Land Acquisitions, Survey & Settlement, Issue of Pattas, GLR, Excise/Stamp duty, Land Tax collection, Land Revenue, Revenue Recovery Act, Disaster Management, Delayed Birth & death Registration claims, Mines & Minerals, Explosives Act, Cinematography etc.

The Tahsildar, Taluk Office empowered as Executive Magistrate under the IPC/CRPC, Assistant Electoral Registration Officer in the matter of Election. In census duties, performed as Charged Officer.

Revenue Inspectors were placed in-charge of a firka. Each village has a Village Administrative Officer, and a Village Assistant.

In Karaikal region, Arrack shops, Toddy shops, Whole sale / Retail Indian Made Foreign Liquor shops (with / without Bars) are authorized to sell liquor by this Revenue Administration and they have renewed their licenses periodically.

REGISTRATION : The Office of the Conservateur des Hypotheques originally under private management was taken over by the Administration with effect from 13 September, 1967 along with the staff and put under a Registrar. Registration of documents etc. was done in the territory according the French Law till 08-01-1969. The Indian Registration Act, 1908 and the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 were extended to this territory on 9 January, 1969 and the newly framed Pondicherry Registration Rules were introduced on the same date. With the intorduction of the Indian Registration Act, the Notairs, and the Receveurs d'Enregistrement ceased to function and the record of all the Notaires were taken over by the District Registrar in Pondicherry region and by the concerned Sub-Registrars in the other regions of the Territory.

With the introduction of the Indian Registration Act, the Karaikal Region was divided into three Sub-Districts, viz. Karaikal, Niravi-T.R.Pattinam and Thirunallar and each Sub-Registry has been controlled by a Sub-Registrar. The Deputy Collector / Sub-Collector (Revenue) act as a Nodal Officer for the Registration Offices.


Only one Municipality and Five COMMUNE PANCHAYATS viz. KARAIKAL (MUNICIPALITY) and Thirunallar, Thirumalairajan Pattinam, Niravi, Nedungadu and Kottucherry are the Commune Panchyats in Karaikal.

The Pondicherry Village and Commune Panchayat Act, 1973 and the Pondicherry Municipalities Act, 1973, govern the village and town administration, accordingly, the Council became the governing body of the MUNICIPALITY as well as the COMMUNE PANCHAYATS with powers to issue directions to the executive authority. The CHAIRMAN, as the presiding officer of the Municipal Council/Commune Panchayat represents the Council in the day-to-day administration of the Municipality/Commune Panchayat and is entitled to be kept continuously informed of the working of the executive authority. The Commissioner has to consult the Chairman in respect of all matters on which such consultation would be conducive to the smooth working of these bodies.

The Pondicherry Village and Commune Panchayats Act provided for the formation of VILLAGE PANCHAYATS in the Territory. The number of Village Panchayats stood as 37 in respect of Karaikal region. These Village Panchayats are to be represented in the concerned Commune Panchayat by a representative each.

However, the SPECIAL OFFICERS appointed by the Government to monitor the functions of the Commissioners of the Municipalty/Commune Panchayats.

Elected Member of Legislative Assembly Constituencies :



  Address : No. 38, Goubert Nagar,
Vadamattam Road, Kottucherry, Karaikal- 609 609.
  Office :    
  Residence :    
  Mobile : +91-94436 29191  


  Name : Shri. R.KAMALAKANNAN  
  Address : No.100, North Vellalar Street, Ambagarathur,
Thirunallar Commune, Karaikal - 609 601.
  Office :    
  Residence : +91-4368-251888(KKL)  
  Mobile :    


  Name : Shri. P.R.N. THIRUMURUGAN  
  Address : No. 50, Bharathiyar Road, (Porayar Salai),
Kottucherry, Karaikal-609 609.
  Office :    
  Residence : +91-4368-266100 (KKL), +91-4368-228585 (KKL)  
  Mobile : +91-93444-88811  


  Name : Shri. K.A.U.ASANA  
  Address : No.51, Duplex Street,
Karaikal-609 602.
  Office :    
  Residence :    
  Mobile :    


  Name : Smt. A.GEETHA  
  Address : No.226, Gandhi Road, T.R. Pattinam,
Karaikal-609 606.
  Office :    
  Residence :    
  Mobile : +91-94434 08888