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Animal Husbandry

There is a sizeable domestic animal population in Karaikal region.

 INFRASTRUCTURE: One Veterinary Hospital, Five Veterinary Dispensaries, 6 Key village Centres, are in this region.

OTHER SUPPORTIVE INSTITUTIONS: Clinical Laboratory, Central veterinary Medical Stores and Vaccine Dept, Extension Wing. Also a Poultry Farm is also setup. Dairy farms have also been established in Private sectors. Cooperative Milk Society has also done a better job to promote the Diary Development Programme.

ADMINISTRATION: A separate Department for Animal Husbandry is functioning under the head of the Joint Director.

History : During the year 1936 in order to carry out the different regulations touching  upon the public hygiene including cattle welfare, inspection of slaughter houses, market places etc. was brought under the control of an office known as  "Bureau Municipal and Hygiene" at Karaikal. These establishments were under the technical control of the senior surgeon appointed.

During 1948 a Veterinary Dispensary was opened in Karaikal and a Veterinary Surgeon was appointed.

The Veterinary Dispensary at Karaikal was upgraded as Veterinary hospital and a Veterinary dispensary was started in each commune. Also 6 key village units was started at various places to provide first-aid treatment and artificial insemination. On 23-04-1981 a Regional Deputy Director was appointed. Subsequently it was upgraded as Joint Director.

Functions and Objectives of the Office of Joint Director of Animal Husbandry :