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At present the power is drawn from Tiruvarur grid of Tamil Nadu. A Gas Power Generation Plant (I Phase) has been set up at T.R.Pattinam with a capacity of 32.5 MW. by the PPCL. Moreover a Sub-Station for 110/122 MW at Pillaitheruvasal is also functioning.

PROPOSALS : 100 MW Power Pland (Phase-II), additional sub-station in the Gas Power Plant. a 1000 MW coal Power Plant through National Thermal Power Corporation.

IMPROVEMENTS : It is pleased to inform that 11 KV Capacitor Banks of 3.6 MVAR capacity have been successfully commissioned into service on 06/08/2008 at the 110/11 KV Pillaitheruvasal SS in Karaikal Region, which has resulted in considerable improvement of 11 KV Bus Parameters.

ADMINISTRATION: Executive Engineer is the head of office of the Electricity Department, Karaikal and he is supported by the technical team of officials and ministerial staff.

History : The emergence of the Electricity Department Karaikal, has taken place on 01-02-1967. Until then the Karaikal Electricity Private Company was in existence since 1935 with the head quarter at Thiruchirapalli. The department started functioning under the overall control of an Asst. Engineer was posted. The Electricity Department of Karaikal then came under the control of Executive Engineer III who had his head quarters at Pondicherry. In 1982 Electricity Department Karaikal, became an independent division with Thiru G.Krishnamoorthy as the head of office -cum- Executive Engineer.

Functions and Objectives of the Electricity Department, Karaikal. :