Coastal Area Population   16140    
Below Five Years   1601    
Death as on 10/01/2005   488
Gen.Hospital, Karaikal.
Patient admitted and discharges in GH, Karaikal   271   Cases
Injured patients treated as OPD as on 26/12/2004   1500   Cases


Medical Camps
  • 17 Medical camps and 3 Mobile medical teams were operated round the clock till 03.01.2005.
  • General Hospital, DD(Immunization), ONGC, VMMC and JIPMER  staff were engaged in the rescue operations
  • Institution Doctors Staff Nurse Vehicle
    General Hospital 5 26 2
    JIPMER 5 1 1
    ONGC 4 0 4
    VMMC 8 8 2
  • 15,000 patients were examined in both the camps and mobile team


  • Vaccination started on 03/01/2005
  • Typhoid vaccination were given to 1601 children (below 5 years). Above 5 years and adults too.
  • 2201 Opv, 2053 Measles, 1754 Typhoid, 2053 Vitamin-A doses given to the children of coastal and slums area.
  • 19,202 Injections were given, started on 04/01/2005.
  • Injection Hepatitis B given for 88 Municipality workers.


Spraying of Insecticide in Coastal areas.
  • 12 Litres of Baytex sprayed (1 Litre Baytex with 49 litre of water) during the period from 28/12/2004 to 31/12/2004.
  • 1,300 Kgs. of Bleaching powder sprinkled from 3/2/2004 to 05/01/2005.
  • 105 litres of Phenyl sprayed ( 1 litre with 10 litres of water) during the period from 06/01/2005 to 09/01/2005.
  • Super Chlorination of water in Town and Commune Panchayat


  • Post Tsunami Survey  and counseling was done in are Tsunami areas by 13 Teams. Each team consists of 2 ANMs and 1 Health Assistant. Teams surveyed about Medical Complaints, Psychological problems and deaths.  Teams sureyed 17,509 people, 210 Medical complaints, 44 Psychological problems and recorded 411 deaths.

  • On 2nd February Training was given for counseling at Pondicherry for 3 batches of Karaikal Region by Psychiatry department, JIPMER.  This trained teams started the Psychological counseling for Tsunami affected areas from 7th February to 24th February.  The teams counselled and identified psychological affected person.  JIPMER Psychiatry staff will continue to observe the progress of those affected individuals for the next 6 months.
  • On 3rd February pre-operative counselling for reconciliation were done for mothers who underwent PS and lost their children in Tsunami at T.R.Patinam PHC by Dr.Kasthuri, MS.,MH., Pondicherry, Dr. Vijya Bala Kandhan, DD, RCH., Pondicherry. Seventeen couples were counselled for reconcilation operation.

Children present after Tsunami

4 No Children
7 1 Child each
4 2 Children each
2 3 children each all female
17 ___
  • 14 mothers attended Maternity OPD for pre-operative investigations.  Reconcilation is fixed on 10th March at Pondicherry and will be done by Appollo Hospital Specialists.


  • Water samples are taken and sent.
  • IEC, AIR,, Cable TV, Public Address System(Miking) & Hand bills distributed
  • Food Inspector are asked to visit all tea shops, hotels, advised to serve Hot water for all clients.
  • Supplied adequately ORS, Chlorine Tablets, Anti Diarrheals, IV fluids  to all peripheral centres.

Source : Office of Deputy Director ( Immunization & Public Health), Karaikal.