Social Welfare

In order to improve the socio-economic status of this down trodden, disabled persons, backward classes, minorities, Street Children, drug addicts and aged and Infirm persons, this Department is implementing various welfare Schemes.

Women and Child Welfare

The Main objective of the department is to give financial, educational and nutritional support to young children, Women, Old age persons, Poor families, etc. through various Welfare Schemes. There are about 140 Anganwadies, 28 Balwadies, Working Women’s Hostel under the control of this department.

Adi Dravider Welfare Department

This department has been functioning exclusively for the welfare of this Adi dravidars. Various welfare Schemes are being implemented by this Department to uplift their educational and financial status. Some of Welfare Schemes implemented by this departments are various scholarships to students, Assistance to inter-caste married couples, Assistance to meet medical expense for chronic disease, funeral grant etc.

Labour Department

The main objective of this department is to product the welfare of the laborers and the disputes between employers and employees are settled without compromising the welfare of the workers. It also enforces industrial laws for the welfare of workers. Various training programmes are conducted to equip students in Engineering and Non Engineering trades in ITI’s for securing employment.