The Irrigation and Public Health Division, Public Works Department has taken steps to construct Over Head Tanks in almost all urban and rural areas and through which the potable water is being supplied to the public. Main water source for this, is drawn from Cauvery and its tributaries Bore wells have also been set up to cater the needs of the people. The Departments has taken urgent steps to attend repairing if any to ensure uninterrupted water supply to the public. With the result there is no water scarcity in the region even at summer days.

The Roads  and Buildings Division, Public Works Department is looking after the infrastructural needs of Karaikal such as Construction of bridges, laying of new roads, attending repair then and there to east traffic congestion and to avoid road accidents.  Also it has taken  urgent and concrete steps to construct pucca class room in Schools replacing the thatched sheds. Hence, the students community in general has  benefited a lot.