School Safety Action Plan

 Responsibilities of Directorate of School Education.

Creation of safe environments for children starting from their homes to their schools and back. The department will prepare curriculum related to disaster management and conduct training programme for teachers and children. The department will coordinate with the local authority and arrange for mock drills and search and rescue drills, awareness campaigns, to make volunteer teams etc. ensuring maintenance and retrofitting of school buildings for school safety.

Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into ongoing Flagship Programmes Sarva Siksha Abhiyaa (SSA)

  • Development of a Policy for school safety. Introducing school safety as a part of the  guidelines of SSA which is currently focusing on inclusive development.
  • Developing model structurally safe designs for schools.
  • Introducing School Safety in the Teacher’s Training Curriculum.
  • Training of Rural Engineers appointed under SSA Scheme as well as the SSA State Coordinators.
  • Training of masons in rural areas.
  • Construction of technology demonstration units.
  • Community awareness

 National Disaster Management Guidelines –(School safety Policy 2016) National School Safety Guidelines

  • Emphasize on the need for active mainstreaming of Disaster risk reduction in all the school education in the country.
  • This would require collaboration between the State education department and
  • It needs capacity development activities such as sensitization of officials,  awareness on disasters, training of teachers and students.
  • Pre-positioning equipment’s for emergency response.
  • Creation of educational material on disaster.
  • Monitoring of risk.