Do’s and Don’ts – Tsunami


What to do before and During Tsunami

  • Turn on your radio to learn if there is tsunami warning if an earthquake occurs and you are in a coastal area. Be alert for early warning.
  • If you are in dangerous area, immediately turn all the water gas and electricity and quickly move to a higher ground.
  • Remember once tsunami warning is issued, it could be a matter of minutes, or even seconds, before the wave’s hits.
  • If tsunami warning is issued, never go down to the beach to watch the waves come in.
  • Listen to the portable radio to learn when its safe to return home.
  • Stay away from the beach.
  • Learn to understand and notice the sea. If there is noticeable recession in water away from the shore time become caution and move away immediately..
  • Move inland to higher ground immediately and stay there.

What to do after Tsunami

  • After the Tsunami has hit, all food and water should be tested for contamination before they are eaten.
  • All buildings should be checked for gas leaks and electricity shorts before anyone enters.
  • Administrator first old only if you know what to do.
  • Stay away from flooded and damaged areas until official say it is safe to returns.
  • Stay away from debris in the water, it may be safety hazards to boats and people.
  • Save yourself not you’re passionate.