ESF Team


ESF Major Responsibilities ESF  Team Leader/Primary Agency Support Agencies
ESF #1 Communication Establishing, maintaining, augmenting and providing backup for all types of communication devices need during emergency response operations SSP(L&O) BSNL,NIC, Electricity Dept ,IT Dept ,HAM Radio Operators DD AIR& Private Telecom Operators
ESF #2 Emergency Medical Service and Public Health Mass Casualty management Public heath , medical , mental health service Dy. Director (Immunisation)Health  Department GH, JIPMER, Blood bank, Ambulance service, Rotary, Lions Club, Red Cross, Revenue, Electricity Dept., Police, IRBn, NCC, NSS
ESF #3 Emergency Warning , Public information Help line The flow of accrue and timely emergency information is critical to the protection of a catastrophic event preparation and dissemination of notification updates warning and instructional messages making the help line operational Asst. Director, Info. & Publicity Dept. Information and publicity Dept., Planning and Research Dept Education Dept., NIC Media NGOS Dept of Health .,DD/AIR
ESF # 4 Search & Rescue Removal of Trapped and injured person from building collapses another stcural collapse administering first aid and assisting in transporting the seriously injured to medical facilities this activity involves the use of professional and voluntary search teams including the use of dog teams Fire Officer (FO)/ Fires Service Police, Home Guards, IRBn, Dept of Health , Municipality, Block Development Officer, Taluk Office, Commune Pachayat, PTDC, NCC, NSS Fisheries Dept., Animal Husbandry,Indian  Coast Guard & Dept of Town and Country Planning
ESF#5 Transport Provides transportation out of a disaster area of people in need and provides transportation essential to support emergency responses in the event of a disaster ,coordinating fro resurrection of transport infrastructure Transport commissioner/Transport Department Sothern Railway, Dept of Fisheries Private Vehicle Owner’s Association, PRTC, PTDC PASIC, Education Dept., PAPSCO
ESF # 6 Evacuation Immediately following an earthquake people may need to be evacuated from structures that have been damaged and are likely to receive more damage when hit by one or more of the aftershocks Sub/Dy. Collector (Revenue) LAD (Municipality & Communes ) NCC, BDO,  Police Dept of fisheries , Transport, Department of Industries, Dept of AD Welfare, PWD ,Dept of Town & Country Planning
ESF #7 Debris Clearance & Equipment Support The identification,  removal, and disposal of rubble, wreckage, and  other  materials  which block or  hamper the  performance  of emergency response functions and procure needed equipment from support agencies using IDRN; should be a high priority action Superintending Engineer (PWD) LAD, Under Secretary (Works), Municipality commune Panchayat, BDO, Police, Revenue, Forest Dept., Electricity Dept., Animal Husbandry, Taluk office, Earth moving Equipment & owners Association, Builder’s Association.
ESF # 8 Damage Assessment Conduct  of  ground  surveys  to determine   the   scope   of   the damage, casualties, and the status of key facilities Sub/Dy. Collector (Revenue) Agriculture, AHD,LAD, PWD, PASIC, PIPDIC, DIC, Industries Dept., Dept., of Tourism, Electricity Dept., Statistics Dept.,    civil society & organizations, Fisheries Department
ESF # 9 Relief Camps Accommodating homeless and affected  people and providing mass care CPDO, Department of   Women and Child Development Education Department, Electricity Department, Municipalities & Communes, BDO’s, PWD, AD welfare, Director  of Social Welfare, Department of Health, Contractors Association,  civil society organizations.
ESF # 10 and Food and Civil Supplies Optimizing  Food and Civil Supplies to the needful Dy. Director Civil Supplies/ Civil Supplies Department Agriculture Dept., Dept. of Chamber of Commerce,PAPSCO, PASIC,Education Dept., Electricity Dept., AD welfare, Transport Dept., Hotel Owners Association, NGOs.
ESF # 11 Water Supply and Sanitation Restoration and repair of water supply system to minimize the impact  on critical service  to the public Executive Engineer PWD (I&PH) LAD, Municipality Commune Panchayat, Health Dept., DRDA, NGOs.
ESF # 12 Electricity Restoration Restoration electric power repair electrical  power system  to minimize the impact on critical service to the public Executive Engineer, Electricity Department PWD,PPCL,LAD, Electricity  Contactors
ESF # 13 Public Works and Engineering Infrastructure protection and Emergency repair Infrastructure restoration. ExecutiveEngineer (B&R),PWD NHAI,LAD,Housing Board,Electricity   Dept.,Forest Dept., Police Dept.
ESF # 14 Fire Fighting / Hazardous Materials Response Coordinating of Fire fighting response  Hazardous Materials (Chemical, Biological, Radiological etc.) environmental short term cleanup Inspector of Factories Police, IRBn, Coast guards,NCC, Industries Dept.,Inspector of Factories,Labour Dept.,Dept.  of  Atomic  Energy,Science and  Technology, Dept, of health, Port
ESF # 15 Law and Order Enforcement Law and Order enforcement for Public Safety Supdt. Of Police (South) & Supdt. Of Police (North) Police Judicial Dept, Revenue,NSS,NCC.
ESF # 16 Resources Mobilization Contracting Services Volunteer and Donation Support Mobilizing support (human,Equipment and other)from various organizations. Contracting
Services, mobilizing volunteer support, facilitating donations
Asst. Director of Social Welfare Revenue, Education Dept., PIPDIC, NGOs, NCC, NSS