Carnival 2024


Karaikal Carnival 2024” is an initiative of the Karaikal Tourism Department and the District Administration, Karaikal with a view to promote tourism through Art, Culture and providing  Craftsman, Artisans, Musicians, folk artist, a platform to showcase their trade and craft. The four day event is scheduled to be held from 14.01.2024 to 17.01.2024 in Karaikal District.

Karaikal Carnival is a ‘safe space for fantastic ideas’ which creates ‘spectacular participative carnival arts in ways that leave a legacy of creativeskills, collaboration and celebration in our communities’.

The festival will involve Government institutions, Educational institutions, Corporate entities, various commercial and cultural organizations and institutions of Karaikal District. Karaikal Carnival will host fascinating multiple events on these four days which include Farm Festival & Flower Show, Dog Show, Carnival Food Festival, Art & Craft Expo and a number of amusement activities at various locations across the district. Special programmes for active participation by the General public and students of Karaikal District are also included.

To celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our district “Cultural Road Show is scheduled to be held on 14.01.2024 from 03.00 PM onwards by hosting public events which take place predominantly in the streets of Karaikal. This collaborative event consist of an interweaving of professional and anmateur performances and mobile carnival esque constructions; floats, sculpture, props and costume. This symbolic coming together of familiar traditions, coupled with myriad styles and types of performers, local and regional, amateur and professional, all occupying the same space results in a processional expression of joy, exuberance, and play.

The event will also host a number of sports and games activities viz., Volleyball, Kabadi, Badminton, Carnival Run (Mini Marathon), Cycle Race etc that would help in promoting sports in the district.

As part of the event, City Cleaning Activities, Beach Cleaning Activities, Street decors at important junctions / commercial areas / beach are being taken-up. All these events are expected to make the Pongal celebrations vibrant in Karaikal District and attract people of other neighbouring districts to Karaikal and promote tourism and shopping festival more engaging and colourful.

The Karaikal Carnival 2024 is an ideal opportunity for the People of Karaikal District to come together on the street to reflect the increasing cultural pluralism of our district and its expanding multi-ethnic communities and their heritages. Karaikal Tourism Department and the District Administration, Karaikal takes immense pleasure in inviting the Citizens / General Public of Karaikal District and the adjacent districts of Tamil Nadu to be part of the fascinating experience and elevate Pongal celebrations with “Captivsting Karaikal – Give Time a Break”.

Let’s come together, join hands, display our civic bonding and share the space through cultural participation and expand the rich heritage and diversity of our district.


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