1. Karaikal – Nagore Road
  2. Karaikal – Poraiyar Road
  3. Karaikal –  Annavasal Road


  1. Karaikal – Ambagarattur Road
  2. Karaikal – Nedungadu Road


  1. Niravi I Road
  2. Niravi II Road
  3. Tittachcheri Road
  4. Lemaire Road
  5. Sheshamulai Road
  6. Beach Road
  7. Sorakkudi Road
  8. Akalanganni Road
  9. Nallattur Road


  1. Dharmapuram Road
  2. Karaikalmedu Road
  3. Kottucherry-Vadamattam Road
  4. Kottucherry Main Road


In the olden days,  the people of this region mainly depend upon Tamilnadu adjacent areas to reach their destination. Nowadays the scenario has changed and buses run by the corporation and private operators with their fleet of buses have limited services with the entire Southern states. Hence, people of their region can visit any area in buses without any hindrance. As this region is a pilgrim centre, the pilgrim from far off places are visiting Thirunallar situated within 5 km from Karaikal utilizing  Public Transport. This has paved way for the overall economic development of this region. Apart from Roads, Rail links have been made to more adjacent areas benefitting the poor people also to visit Karaikal at affordable cost Rail links have also been made even to Mumbai. This is a boon to the people of Karaikal Region. At present, the Train services have been extended to Chennai, Thanjavur, Tiruchirapalli, Velankanni, Ernakulam, Bangalore, Mumbai.


A separate department namely Tourism Department has been set up by Govt. of Puducherry during the year 1975 in Karaikal region. This Department gives vide publicity about tourism potentials in Karaikal region to other parts of the Country. This area attracts more tourist from other parts of the country and also abroad as this area occupies a unique place in the tourist map of India as the number of places viz Nagore, Velankanni, and Tharangambadi are situated nearer to this place. This department has been rendering all possible assistance to the general public to visit important places situated in this region especially religious important areas where devotees throng during weekend days.


One head post Office located in the heart of the town is catering to the needs of the public in the urban area. Post Offices are also functioning in all communes. They are doing immense service to the public.  Their services include issue and delivery of postcards, inland letters, handle parcels from inland and also abroad, conducting Saving Bank, Recurring Deposits, Fixed Deposits, Postal Orders etc.


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) headed by a Divisional Engineer is providing Telephone Services to the people of this region. Mobile connections and its related service are provided to the public. A large number of subscribers are getting benefit by its operation.


In 1988, Computer communication Network (NICNET) was introduced in this region with the help of the National Informatics Centre, Government of India. It is providing Internet / Informatics / Video Conferencing support to the District Administration.

As per the National eGovernance Policy (NeGP), in 2013, the Puducherry UT Government set up core IT infrastructure in the form of Puducherry State Wide Area Network (PSWAN), State Data Centre (SDC) and Common Service Centres (CSCs) for the entire Puducherry UT.

In order to administer the implementation of eDistrict, a Mission Mode Project (MMP) the Karaikal District eGovernance Society is formed under the chairmanship of District Collector. It functions as per the guidance of the Directorate of Information Technology and Puducherry eGovernance Society.

Since all Government services are accessible to the common man in his locality, through Common Service Centres (CSCs), the KDeGS has established the centres at all the villages for the benefit of the citizens and public.


In Karaikal a FM Radio station is functioning and broadcasting various programmes for the benefit of the people. Not only in Karaikal adjacent areas are also benefitted by its wide range of programmed which includes cultural, agricultural, entertainment etc. Its service at times of natural calamities is of immense value. It is transmitting Meteorological Department news cautioning the public to be vigilant during the cyclone / heavy rain period. Weather forecasts are also communicated then and there to the public.


A Fishing Harbour was constructed in Karaikal region recently for the welfare of the Fisherman. It has been designed in such a way that more number of small and big boats are anchored here. The fishes catched from nearby area are brought here and transported to other areas through road. The Light house which was build long back was dismantled and a new Light house has been constructed recently with an effective modern reflector to help the ship / boats travelling nearby.