• District Collectorate, Karaikal is the functional headuarters of Karaikal District, a major enclave of three outlying regions of U.T. of Puducherry involved to originate and to initiate various developmental activities.
  • The District Collector is being the official representative to the Lieutenant Governor and chief co-ordinator and liaison officer to all Government departments of Karaikal district.
  • To develop effective implementation of eGovernance, Collector is officiating as chairman for the Karaikal diestrict e-Governance society.
  • To improve / implement various welfare oriented schemes operated by the departments and to monitor their progress.
  • The Collector exercises a wide range of powers under the various provision of law. He/She is having the District Magistrate power and maintaining the law & order of the district.
  • To form and head crisis management team to face any natural calamities / disasters etc.
    Being the district head, the District Collector receives high officials and foreign dignitaries visiting the District on behalf of the Lieutenant Governor and deals with the press directly.
  • To inculcate and support a cultural of transparenc, accountability and zero tolerance of corruption in public affairs and to instutionalise a system of constructive ongoing engagement with stakeholders to have the desired result for taking Karaikal as a role model district for others to follow.