Revenue Administration

Karaikal Revenue district is controlled by the Sub-Collector / Deputy Collector (Rev) who shall report to the Collector on important issues and important files are submitted to the Secretary through Collector. This region is divided into two taluks viz. Karaikal at Thirunallar with a Tahsildar each.

Sub Collector is the Nodal Officer for the following Offices

  • Survey and Land Records
  • Registration Department
  • Weights and Measures

The Sub-Collector is also functioning as Sub-Divisional Magistrate  for Karaikal region vested with powers under Penal code CRPC.

The Tahsildar is empowered as Executive Magistrate under IPC/CRPC who is also functioning as Assistant Electoral Registration  Officer

Revenue Divisions
Name Total
Taluks 2
Firkas 6
Villages 37
SNo. Taluk Name No. of Firkas No. of Villages
1. Karaikal 4 21
2. Thirunallar 2 16
SNo. Taluk Name Firka Name No. ofVillages
1. Karaikal Karaikal 6
2. Karaikal Kottucherry 5
3. Karaikal Neravy 5
4. Karaikal T.R.Pattinam 5
5. Thirunallar Thirunallar 11
6. Thirunallar Nedungadu 5
Revenue Villages
SNo. Taluk Name Firka Name Village Name
01. Karaikal Karaikal 14-Keezhakasakudy
02. Karaikal Karaikal 23-Thalatheru
03. Karaikal Karaikal 24-Keezhaveli
04. Karaikal Karaikal 25- Koilpathu
05. Karaikal Karaikal 27-Dharmapuram
06. Karaikal Karaikal 28-Karaikal
07. Karaikal Kottucherry 9-Varichikudy South
08. Karaikal Kottucherry 10-Varichikudy North
09. Karaikal Kottucherry 11-Poovam
10. Karaikal Kottucherry 12-Thiruvettakudy
11. Karaikal Kottucherry 13-Kottucherry
12. Karaikal Neravy 19-Vizhidhiyur
13. Karaikal Neravy 29-Oduthurai
14. Karaikal Neravy 31-Neravy
15. Karaikal Neravy 30-Keezhamanai
16. Karaikal Neravy 32-Akkaraivattam
17. Karaikal T.R.Pattinam 33-Keezhaiyur North
18. Karaikal T.R.Pattinam 34-T.R.Pattinam
19. Karaikal T.R.Pattinam 35-Polagam
20. Karaikal T.R.Pattinam 36-Keezhaiyur South
21. Karaikal T.R.Pattinam 37-Vanjoor
22. Thirunallar Thirunallar 1-Ambagarathur
23. Thirunallar Thirunallar 2-Nallazhundur
24. Thirunallar Thirunallar 3-Sethur
25. Thirunallar Thirunallar 4-Devamapuram
26. Thirunallar Thirunallar 16-Surakudy
27. Thirunallar Thirunallar 17-Thennankudy
28. Thirunallar Thirunallar 18-Sellur
29. Thirunallar Thirunallar 20-Pettai
30. Thirunallar Thirunallar 21-Thirunallar
31. Thirunallar Thirunallar 22-Subrayapuram
32. Thirunallar Thirunallar 26-Keezhavour
33. Thirunallar Nedungadu 5-Nedungadu
34. Thirunallar Nedungadu 6-Kurumbagaram
35. Thirunallar Nedungadu 7-Ponbethi
36. Thirunallar Nedungadu 8-Puthakudy
37. Thirunallar Nedungadu 15-Melakasakudy