Activities of Revenue and Disaster Management

The Revenue Department comprising of Revenue, Survey settlement, Registration and Excise Wing provides a myriad of valuable services to the public of the KARAIKAL DISTRICT. The department shoulders the responsibility for rendering a variety of time-bound services as briefly indicated beow :

  • Issue of the certificates such as
    Nativity / Residence,
    Income etc.,
  • Patta Transfer / Mutation
  • Survey, Measurement and Setlement of Land
  • Fixation of Fair Rent
  • Implementation of Tenancy Laws
  • Distribution of ceiling surplus land
  • Assignment of House-site patta / cultivable land.
  • Relief under accident / Hut Insurance schemes
  • Registration of documents/mariiages/chits
  • Verification of Weights & Measures
  • Issue of Licence for certain profession:
  • License for Cinema Theatres
  • Pawn broker’s Licence
  • Licence under Arms Act
  • Licence / NOC under Explosive Act.
  • Money Lender’s Licence
  • NOC under petroleum Act, etc.,

Conduct of Elections to parliament and Legislative Assembly:

  • Registration of Names in Electoral Roll
  • Inclusion or Deletion of Names from the Electoral Roll
  • Supply of copies of electoral Roll

Other Functions of the Department :

  • Further, the Revenue Department rushes to provide relief / rescue i times of Natural Calamities like drought, flood, cyclone and fire with the following services;
  • Evacuation to safe places,
  • Feeding of affected people during the period of calamity and
  • Financial help in construction of damaged huts, if any.

Nodal Officer for the following Offices :

  • O/o. Assistant Director of Survey and Settlement
  • O/o. Asistant Controller of Legal Meterology (Weights & Measures)
  • O/o. Sub Registries, Karaikal, T.R.Pattinam and Thirunallar.